Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday.
Another work week down and 
I am totally ready for the weekend :]


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. We had a really fun church activity that my friend Meagan helped put on.
We went classic skating and it was great.
Let's face it, how often do we get to strap on some roller skates and fist pump to the sounds of the 80s??

Photo courtesy of Kelli Fleming 

2. My dad is really sweet to me. 
He always asks me about school and my kids.
While he was in Utah last week, he brought me a book.
It was a children's nonfiction book about animals and their life in the desert. 

This was perfect because we were just talking about Fiction and Nonfiction. 

The best part was when I fabricated a story saying my dad didn't know what nonfiction texts were
and asked the kids to tell me what I should tell him they are (a teaching moment, ya know?)

Now they all think he really "silly."

3. My friends and I are learning Psy's sweet dance moves and practicing
"Gangnum Style" every chance we get.


Did I mention we requested it at the roller rink and did it IN skates?

3.5   Found this on Pinterest......
Loved it.

4.  I got called some variation of Mom/Mommy at least 15 this week.
I really find it very cute ;]

5. Totally got paid yesterday!
It felt so rewarding to finally see a paycheck and realize I worked hard for all that money.
Really hard.

Guess I'll go shopping...
San Francisco in 2 weeks???
Yes, please :]

Happy weekend and end to your work/school week!
Don't forget to take some time for yourself :]

Friday, September 21, 2012

High Five for Friday

So I missed last week's post. 
It was a little crazy and it just wasn't, sadly, a priority.

But here we meet again!


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. Yet again, my mom and I made out like bandits at The Loft.
Like seriously...... are they making money with these deals??

We had all these bounce back cards, so when you spend $50 dollars, you save $25.
We couldn't pass this up!

oodles of sweaters, coats, tanks, skirts, etc, etc....for less than $120!

2. My first box of Scholastic Book orders came today! 
Not going to lie, it felt so awesome seeing that box in the office and knowing it was mine!
It was so fun to unpack it and make little piles of each child's orders.

One of my favorites was the books and cd package. 
We listened to Skippy Jon Jones Class Action today....we loved it :]

Haven't heard of him? He's a Siamese Cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua....

3. Just purchased a ticket home to SFO for my Fall Break.
Hey October 11, you can hurry up and get here :]

Really excited to get back to the city by the bay and get spoiled by 
Mom and Pops for a week!

4. We wrote little narratives about what would we do if we had super powers in class this week.
I wanted the kids to tell me what their super power would be and
what they would do with them.

Some wanted to have webs to swing to the bowling ally, others wanted to be the flash
and run really fast places. 

One little girl wrote about being Wonder Woman and drew this picture...

She is very detail oriented.... 

5.  Hasn't happened yet....but I am super excited to get paid next week!!!
After almost a month and a half of working, I need that paycheck :]
Shopping spree?? 

Happy Friday! 
I hope you have a great weekend! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

High Five for Friday

Pretty sad that I am only blogging about once a week now.... least I have my Fridays :) 

Here is another link-up with Lauren for another HF4F post.


Here are a few things that made my top 5:

1. We send home books each night with the kids at our school.
When unloading the book bags into my kids' cubbies, I noticed this little gem in one bag.

This, my friends, was the very first book I ever remember reading all by myself.
It was very fitting, too. I was a total pack rat!

2. Fall is just around the corner!
I leave for work around 6:50 a.m. each morning.
The weather is getting progressively crisper and the mornings are progressively darker.

Here was a shot of the sunrise one morning this week!

3. Chels and I finally got around to decorate our living room a little bit.
We wanted clean and simple. 
We really enjoy our planning sessions in here from about 7-9 every night ;]

4. Had a fun Labor Day with friends.
A small group of us went and hiked around Sundance for a few hours then had Five Guys for lunch.

Later, another group of friends headed to Mona to hit up the rope swing.
It was packed, but had some really great people watching :]

5. Netflix e-mails me sometimes with new releases they think I'd like.
I received one of those e-mails Wednesday.

Guess what I will be doing this weekend???
Grey's Anatomy Season 8 

I hope you've had a great week! 
Have an even better weekend :]

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