Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday

We did it! 
We made it through another work week :]

I'm linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. I went shopping over the weekend with 3 of my favorite gal pals.
We went to City Creek.
And to Cheesecake Factory.
And to Ikea.

Picture courtesy of Meagan 

I got a return and shop at The Loft in which I will save $25 bucks on a purchase of $50 or more.
And that is prrrretty easy for me to do there.....
I will be going back next weekend :]

Really loving this look...

2. Finally got my Hay Fever under control.
Allergies control my life this time of the year.......

3.  Really excited for our Apple activity today.
We will be reading our weekly reader, which is all about apples.
Then I am bringing three different kinds of apples for the kids to try.

We will get to put an apple picture on this graph of which was our favorite!

4. I got my August BirchBox a few weeks ago.
Between the move and school, I've neglected to tell you all about it.
I will soon....promise :]

I did find one product I really like, however!!

Miss Jessie's Quick Curls.

It smells like lemons, it's light, it gives a soft curl, and it doesn't clump.
I've used it on dry and wet hair. 
I've liked it with both :]

I'd like to give the Pillow Soft Curls a try, too!!

5. It's a three day weekend!!!
I plan on sleeping, going to movies, and catching up on my planning.
Do you have any fun plans??

Add a teacher's plan book in there and that's about right.....

I hope you've have a really great week.
Enjoy your loooooong weekend :]

Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hi everybody!

First of all, I have really missed blogging this week.
Glad to be back for a "real" post!

Now, let's get down to business :]


Linking up with Lauren for another High Five for Friday post!

Here are a few things that made the top 5-ish of my week:

1. By the end of today, I will have completed my first week of being a first grade teacher.
Whoop whoop!

2. Finally got my school laptop!
It is making the classroom preparation and printing situation a lot easier :]

Not to mention... I can double task at home...
...watching Bachelor Pad WHILE creating lesson plans  :]

3. My mom and dad sent me flowers during my school's Open House.
Not going to lie... I teared up.

4. My students are so creative and smart.
We did a really fun text-to-self activity this week with the book Wemberly Worried.
We talked about what Wemberly worried about and then what we worry about. 

They made the cutest creations :]
And now we have art for our hallway!!

4.5. To help motivate my students to behave, I have told them that one of my classroom owl stuffed animals watches the classroom as they work. As soon as we leave the classroom, he flies down
to the desk of the student he thought was showing self control and working hard.

The kids eat this up!

The best part is....they try to have staring contests with "Snowy"...
They are amazed when he wins every time......
Such sweet things ;]

5. A few weeks ago I was telling my mom how I wanted a chevron bedspread.
I was having THE hardest time finding something I liked and that
wasn't too expensive.

Mom to the rescue. She bought the cutest fabric (gray chevron on one side and yellow polka dots on the other) 
and made me the perfect quilt. Thanks, Mom!

Needless to say, my week was fantastic. 
I love what I do and the people I work with.
Blessed :]

I hope some really exciting things made your top 5 this week! 
Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is this real life???

I've almost completed my first whole week as a 1st grade teacher!

I can't believe it!

I love every minute of it and it
is slowly getting easier and easier :]

Probably because I crack a can of my best friend each morning....

I just wanted to stop by and say hello :]
Hope your week is going great.

I'll be back Friday..... so stop on by!

Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Last Friday before school starts up, folks!
I can't believe it :]

Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week :

1. Made these cute gifts for my students to take home at Open House next week.

2. Went to an Orem Owlz game with some fun girls :]

3. Picked up some new towels from T.J.  Maxx!

4. Continued to work in my classroom!
cubbies, desks, backpacks, etc etc etc.....

4.5  Remember how I dyed my hair this week?
And remember how it was my first time ever coloring my hair??

I was "Platinum Barbie" for a few days....
or at least iI felt that way ;]

But I had her put more brown in it.
I really love it :]

Wanna know the best part?
My cousin Chelsey was also there getting her hair done.
She shared her hair dresser with me :]  So grateful! 

I loved getting to catch up with her and share our thoughts
on some of our favorite TV shows. We need to do that more often, Chels!

5. Super excited for my school's activity today!
We are heading up to Utah Lake to learn how to row.
Our school's theme this year is "Pulling Together," so we get to learn just that!

Awesome t-shirts, huh?? :]

It was a pretty darn good week.
Not going to lie, however, I am a little nervous for what 
the next few days hold! 
I move apartments, have to be ready for school on Monday, my daddy comes in town, etc...

Fingers crossed :]

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Product Review: Aquage Uplifting Foam

So remember how I went back to Virginia a few weeks ago?

Well my sister-in-law and I both follow a blog where she talks a lot about hair care
and shares various product information.

She shared her favorite volumizing product....

I tried it while back East and my hair loved it.
It worked well with the humidity, giving me some serious volume. 

I wondered how it would do back in Utah in a dry climate, so I ordered a bottle.

I am happy to report it worked just as well.

So here's how I use it:

1. After showering, I let my hair towel dry for roughly 10 mins.

2. With my blowdryer on "warm," I start drying my hair, paying extra attention to the roots. 
You want your hair to just be damp.
If it is too wet, I have found the product doesn't work as well. 

3. Shake the Aquage Uplifting Foam bottle well.

4. I begin lifting up sections of my hair I want to add volume to 
and squirt the foam right on the roots. 
You will want to concentrate on the crown of your head.

Here's how I do it. I lift up areas with my fingers and then spray the foam. 
I add some in my bangs, too.  I like a little flip :]

5. Once I've applied the foam, I gently massage the product into
 my hair, concentrating on the roots. 

6. Finish blow drying my hair and style as desired.

One day I will remember to take a with Aquage and without Aquage picture for ya'll!

I was surprised how much lift I had after using this product, 
especially after I had taken a flat iron to it.

Give it a try :]

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a pretty great weekend :)
How was yours?

Here's a little about mine:

1. Worked a little more in my classroom.

homework folders
notes to parents
clips for the hall
open house treats
etc etc etc :]

2. Finally floated the Provo River.
After nearly 5 years in Utah, I am glad it happened :]

I basically know every rock and branch on that river.
Why you ask? Oh because I ran into almost all of them :]

3. Saw The Bourne Legacy.
It was pretty awesome.

I really liked the motocycle scene. Mmmmmhmmm  ;]

4. Went to my first demolition derby.
I'm pretty sure I stuck out like a sore thumb in my cardigan and wedges....

5. Found some new concealer. 
I usually wear Bobbie Brown, but I recently tried Bare Minerals.
I already wear their foundation and eye shadows.
I really liked it.

It has a more powdery finish, which I like. 
Sometimes concealer can be a little too creamy for my liking.
Give it a try :]

6. I have some really sweet and thoughtful friends.
I was feeling really sick Saturday night, which carried over to Sunday.
I didn't make it to church.

Not only did I get some texts letting me know I was missed,
but I was also delivered cookies to wish me well.
Thanks, girls :]

I have lots of training this week, so forgive me if I disappear again.
You can always count on me on Fridays, however :]

Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday

Before we get to the nitty gritty, I have to apologize.

I've been M.I.A. this week.

Like the new glasses?

I realized this when I got a text from my mom saying,
"Awesome Travel Tuesday this week ;)"

She was kidding, of course, as there wasn't one :)

I had 3 trainings over the past few days and am just being a little selfish. 
Forgive me :)


It's Friday, so I am linking up with Lauren for 
High Five for Friday!

Here is what made my top 5 this week:

1. Like I mentioned I had lots of "first year teacher" trainings this week.
It was fun to get with other girls who were in my same boat 
and express our concerns and excitement for the year!

The best part....we always get free stuff!!

2. Put some finishing touches in my room :]

Job chart!
Aren't these little owls cute??

Birthday board.
I'm going to take a picture of all the kids with birthdays in each month
and post the picture under the month :]

3. Had a really epic night with some of my favorite girls.
It involved making a music video, lots of pictures, Bucca di Beppo, photo bombing, etc etc....

4. Sent out letters to all of my future students welcoming them to first grade :]  
It's hitting starts in less than 2 weeks!

5.  Bowled a 160 this week at Bowling Thursday (expect we did it on Tuesday!)

It was a pretty great week! 
I have every intention of enjoying one of my last 
weekends of summer :]

Hope some great things made your list this week!

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