Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cruise: Day 5

Day 5:
May 8, 2012
Isla Roatan, Honduras

Please excuse this long winded entry!!

This was probably our favorite day of the entire trip. Tuesday morning we opened our window and were greeted by a view of a lush jungle. We could not wait to get off and explore! But first, we had to eat breakfast and stash a cereal box or two. A must!

A view of our boat as we walked up the pier! Gorgeous 

We met our tour guide at the end of the pier, where we waited for our entire group to arrive before leaving. During that time, we had a few minutes to walk around the shops. We were impressed with how clean it was and how comfortable we felt. Oh, and how hot we felt!

Did I mention it was over 88 degrees with over 90% humidity???
Please excuse how beautiful we look in all these pictures ;)

Our group finally left the port and we all piled in a van and set out to another side of the island. We docked in Mahogany Bay and traveled around to West Bay (see below). Our tour guide talked all about the island as we drove to our destination. Did you know the island has no speed limits? The island is a part of Honduras, but most speak English. She said about 20% of their population is Americans and Italians. She commented that depending on the driver, this drive can take 20 to 40 minutes. We got there slightly over 20 :) 

Once in West Bay, we entered Gumbalima Park, where we had the opportunity to hold military macaws and monkeys! It was unreal! We spent about 40 minutes there, taking videos and pictures. 

In true monkey fashion, he was grooming me :)

He was on time out :(

We then took a short bus ride up to the top of the canopy to get geared up for zip lining. The guy putting on my harness, William, struck up conversation, asking my name, where I was from, etc (remember him...he comes into play later!). We got instructed on hand placement and body formation and then we were off. They had their staff zip line to the various platforms so we were always had someone clipping and unclipping our clips as we came off of each line.

It was unreal to zoom through a canopy of trees and listen to the various animals all around us. There were about 8 lines we traveled down, each in various lengths. I went first, so I had fun watching Maren and Chelsea come behind me! On about the 5 platform, I see my friend William, again. 

He welcomes me saying, "Kelly!"'s Lizzy :/

Obviously this isn't us...we were not allowed to bring cameras on the zip line!

He then asks about me and my friends and where our husbands were. I told him we don't have husbands, in which he asked if I was single. He gets me all situated on the next line and then says, "Well, I'm single, too!" He then pushes me off onto the line. It was pretty hilarious. 

As Maren and Chelsea come down, he proceeds to tell them Lizzy said they were single and how old are we. We loved our little William :)

We were exhausted, but had some experiences we will never forget! A really once in a lifetime opportunity! 

For your viewing pleasure :)

For my dad....


  1. I wanna hold the baby monkey! I love the pic of him grooming you. =D

  2. Yeah, I can see how this would be one of your favorite days. Looks like a lot of fun. You always loved picking stuff out of dad's hair like a monkey!


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