Friday, December 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

In middle school, my Spanish teacher would also say the same phrase each Friday.

She said:
"Hoy es viernes.
Un aplauso para el Viernes!"

Translated as:
Today is Friday!
An applause for Friday!!

That is how I feel today!


Here are few things that made my top 5:

1. Getting to do a Google Hangout with my niece for her 1st birthday!!!!

2. Some friends and I are going to see The Hobbit tonight.
My movie coupon is for buy a popcorn, get a drink for free.

Ohhhh ohhhh!!
(cue baby mama!)

3. We made some awesome ornaments in class this week for the
kids to take home as gifts. 

They'll look something like this...

4. Seeing Si dressed up like an Elf on Duck Dynasty....

5.  My school gave out these AWESOME coupon books. 
You bet they have coupons on movie popcorn
and Brick Oven.

Best. School. Ever!

Counting my blessing during the holidays. 
Really looking forward to some RR this next week with 
my family. 

It is much needed :)

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It is about time for an update!

This week has been so fun! 
We have started to explore how different countries and 
cultures celebrate Christmas. 

I love to travel, so I told my kids that each day this week, 
we would be "going" to a new country. 

We made Passports...

They get a stamp after each country visit.

Discussed traditions...

Las Posadas
Yule Log
St. Lucy's Day
Father Christmas
etc, etc, etc

Sampled some treats...

Swiss Rolls as Yule Logs

Cinnamon Rolls for St. Lucia
(store bought of course!)

Gingerbread Men for Germany

and made some crafts.

I really enjoying hearing them say things like:

"Remember when we went to France and saw the Eiffel Tower?"

"When we were in Mexico, I think I lost my easer."

Their imaginations and excitement for Christmas is contagious.

It has definitely made this time of year a little more special for me :)

Oh by the way...

T minus 8 days until I will be sitting riiiiiight about here.

Can't come soon enough :)

Happy Holidays, everybody! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

High Five for Friday

REALLY glad it is Friday!


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. Got this really cute Tiffany's bracelet while home....
.....for FREE.

Long story :)

2. Went to a really awesome training yesterday.
We were trained on Prevention Dimensions

We were instructed on how to implement various activities in our classrooms to
help kids not only succeed academically, but socially and emotionally.

As we do this, statistics found a decrease in drug/alcohol use and
various other risk factors in their lives.

It really left me loving my job and the difference teachers can make!

3. There is basically 2 1/2 weeks until Christmas break!
I'm just a little excited!

December will be such a fun month.
We will be exploring how different countries and cultures celebrate winter holidays, 
having a Polar Express Day, and so much more.

I've decided that since we celebrate all of their birthdays, we will celebrate mine, too :)

4. Anyone catch last night's Vampire Diaries?
Ohhh ohh!!!!

I'd like one of these for Christmas.
You can totally combine Christmas and Birthday on this one, Mom ;)

5. I am such a proud teacher when my kids nonchalantly 
throw up words like "fiction," "nonfiction," 
"sphere," "main idea," and "punctuation" like its no big deal.

Smart, smart kids :)


Have a nice weekend :) 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cardi Obsession

I like love cardigans.
I probably wear one everyday.
No joke.

This obsession all started when I worked at JCrew in high school.
We got 50-60% off of basically anything we wanted.

I started buying classic pieces for my college wardrobe.
A sweater here...a sweater there.

I guess I never really stopped. 

Here is a peek into my closet. 
This is maybe a third of my collection.

My all time favorite sweater is the Jackie Cardigan at JCrew.

It is 3/4 sleeve and is a cotton/nylon/spandex blend
 so it keeps it's shape easily. 

I've got a few I still wear from 2007....they last!

They run around $62, but don't forget your student/teacher discounts!

You can get a version of it at the JCrew Outlet, but there is a difference in quality.
Maybe only I notice it......

Do you have a favorite?? 

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sitting in the theater last night, a commercial for a new 
Nicholas Sparks movie previewed (Safe Haven).
I know what I'm doing for Valentines 2013.

I instantly loved it.
Not because Josh Dumahel is the leading man.
Not because I happen to love every Nicholas Sparks book.
I'm a sucker for his stuff....

But because of this...

I'm a big Fleetwood Mac fan.
My dad bought their Greatest Hits disc set back when I was in high school.

He let me listen to it.

Needless to say, I am pretty sure he has never gotten it back.
Actually I know he hasn't because its still in my car :)

Really love this cover.
Hope you do, too :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

Really excited it's Friday.
I am that much closer to going home for Thanksgiving. 

I am ready for some fun!


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. Made this pretty cool door decoration for my classroom.
We have been learning about verbs lately. 
With how the new Core is arranged, we basically spend a few weeks on each topic.
The kids get tired of some of the topics, so I needed to spice things up.

So, I give you Angry Verbs.
I had the kids color an Angry Bird and then write 8-10 verbs that the birds would do.
They loved it!

2. Hate to say it, but I am a Twilight fan.
Circa 2008.
I loved the books and find the movies quite entertaining.
Really excited to see the last movie this evening with some girlfriends.
Glad I found some other fans ;)

3. Totally got teary eyed in class today.
One of my little kids that has really struggled with reading has been making 
BIG strides lately. He came into 1st grade about 3 levels below grade level.

As of today... I almost have him on grade level.

We do little reading groups and I kept him back for a few minutes to try him
at a higher level today. He read it like a pro! 

I told him I would be moving him up to a new group. 
He got the biggest grin on his face!!

Those moments make all the crazy days worthwhile :)

4. Park City....this weekend :)
Here's to no icy roads and tolerable weather!!

5. Come next Wednesday, I will be hanging out in San Fran
with my parents and brother. REALLY excited.

I am excited to spend some time at home with family. 
Word on the street is mom is making some of my favorite potatoes.

5.5 Saw this outfit....really like it and want it!
Have the where can I find that sweater???

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Remember to find some time to relax and unwind :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's been a week...
....really ready for the weekend!

Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. My first round of report cards are due next weekend and
 I've almost gotten them all done.

2. Going to Park City for the weekend.

Hmmm...scratch that.
It began dumping snow around 10 am this morning and hasn't let up since.
Rather not test the Provo Canyon in this weather.

3.  No Park City means movie night.
Movie night means popcorn and a drink.
I'll take that :)

Looks like Mom and Pops had the same idea.
Received this picture during my lunch break....

4. I love my annual Thursday girls nights!
A handful of girls and I get together every Thursday night and watch Vampire Diaries
and Grey's Anatomy.

Did I mention we also eat dinner.

It's great :)

Good friends, food, and nice looking men.

5. Remember how it was Halloween?
Remember how all the teachers at my school are awesome and get creative?

Love my job and those I work with.

Have a lovely weekend!
Stay safe and warm :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I woke up this morning in such a somber mood.
The result of yesterday's election was just not sitting well with me.

I sat at work and tried to sift through it all and realized
it all stemmed from how I really thought change would be coming. 
I really thought a different man would be elected. 

I hadn't really prepared for another outcome.

Yes, I support Romney.
Not just because he is Mormon and I am too.
Not because "our church told us to."   (very far from the truth)

I support him because I share the same opinions and hopes for our country.
I believe in the vision he has for our country.

I love being an American and being apart of a country that values and listens to the
voices of it's people. It is such a blessing.

The Election did not play out like I had hoped, but I am
grateful for the opportunity TO vote and TO have a voice.
TO enjoy my freedom.
TO have rights and privileges.
TO be who I want to be.
TO take part of altering and changing this country.

Although I do not support Obama's stance on many issues and policies, 
I do support America.

I believe in change.

I really hope Obama can make it happen....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lately... has been over a month since I last posted.

Please forgive me for pulling the "busy" card.
I promise... I really have been.

Anyway, let's catch up.
Here are a few things I have been doing and thinking of lately.....


"The Head I Hold"  Electric Guest

"Never Let Me Go"  Florence + The Machine 


I have been an actual teacher for nearly 3 whole months.
Sometimes it feels like I just have done this always.
Then some days I remembered this is my first year and to cut myself some slack.

It has been really rewarding to see the strides some of my students have been making.
I look at their reading levels from the first weeks of school and compare them with where they are at now and it is so thrilling!

I sit back and just think... I helped do that! of the reason I love coming to work everyday...

I have had the opportunity to see my family a lot this past month!
My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and it was fun to all get together.

I was spoiled with not only having my parents visit, but also my brothers, sister-in-law, and niece.

I can't wait to spend Christmas with them all in paradise :)


I have had so many fun weekends! Last weekend, my roommate, Chels, and I went to Salt Lake
to go see Quidam at the Maverick Center. Both of us have been wanting to see a Cirque du Soiel show and jumped on tickets to see it close to home.

We made a day of shopping, lunch, and the show. We both loved it.
It was so clever and fantastic.
We both are dying to see one in Vegas after see their "on the road" show!

Here is a clip of an act that left us flabbergasted!
They have clothes on....promise :)

This weekend I will be enjoying a weekend in Park City and a BYU Football game. 
Pretty excited :)


So excited for the results of the 2012 Election!
I have had fun discussing the Election and the process of voting with my students.

You'd be surprised what you hear about each contender from 6-year-olds.
And parents think their kids aren't listening.....

My school was a voting location and it was overwhelming (in a good way) to see how many people
came out this morning to have their voice heard.

From 7 am to 2 pm...there was a constant line out our gym door. 


Have a great week! 
I hope our country is in for some big changes!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday

Better late than never, right?

I really miss blogging.
I miss thinking of new things to write about and share.

Teaching is kicking my trash in the "free time" area.
I'll get better.
I promise.


Here are a few things that made my top 5 this week:

1. I made it through my first round of Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Two back-to-back 13 hour work days was grrrreat...

It was really fun to meet with parents and talk about their students.
It was also a little confidence booster to hear how many felt safe, loved, and enjoyed school.
I am doing something right :]

2. I got another round of my book orders.
My kids were so excited that a stuffed animal of Pete the Cat was in this one.

I still don't get why they love the little guy,
but they get crazy for Pete.

The books teach some great concepts (colors, counting, first day of school) and
the kids LOVE to sing with him.

  Do you get it???

3. I have one little boy in my class that is my little buddy.
He had a few behavior problems in the beginning of the year and he has made leaps
and bounds and has really mastered controlling his behavior.

He has gotten in the habit of sitting back at my Guided Reading table to do his work.
Lately...he has progressed to moving his chair to sit RIGHT next to me.

This was a little problematic and made it hard for me to maneuver so I told him
I loved having him there, but I needed to move quickly in and out.
Plus, kids saw I was playing favorites.....

He solved this problem by moving his desk right next to mine.
Pretty much melted my heart :)

Yeah...let's ignore the mess, please :]

4. Um, found out I will be spending my birthday AND Christmas here this year...

Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Rough, rough life.
Hey, someone's got to do it :]

5. Conference is this weekend!
Really excited for the messages that will be shared and
for an increased understanding.

For more information, visit
I promise you won't be disappointed! 

I've made it to another weekend.
Now it's time for a night with friends.

We are off to see Pitch Perfect. 
Pretty sure it will be epic :]

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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