Friday, March 30, 2012

High Five for Friday


This has been a wonderful week! 
Here are my top 5:

1. My mom (Andrea) came into town Wednesday night. We have been having fun ever since! 

2. I saw Hunger Games....again. Yes, I am slightly obsessed :)

3. Mr. Porter (my mentor teacher during student teaching) handed me a DVD Tuesday while I was at Bonneville. The DVD was something he had made of the 2010-2011 school year. It was so fun to watch it and see my kids' smiling faces and re-live many memories!

Check out some of their poses.....

4. Andrea and I were able to go down to the City Creek shopping area for about an hour this afternoon. It was beautiful. I am really excited for a new shopping distention in Utah. 

5. Because Andrea is in town, I have been able to spend the weekend in Salt Lake, which means lots of Grandma and Pa time. We go out to eat, go on drives, Pa and I hit the gym, work out in the yard, and go on late night Mc Donald's ice cream runs. I love the way I feel rejuvenated by family :)

General Conference starts tomorrow! I hope you all can tune in at sometime during this weekend :) I am looking forward to dinner while all the men are at Priesthood ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Preparing for Conference

As Conference is approaching this weekend, I have been reviewing some thoughts and notes about preparing for Conference. I came across a great article in the March 2012 Ensign entitled "Preparing for General Conference." If you have't had the chance to read it yet, here are it's main points:

  •   Pray and fast to receive answers to your prayers through the words of the speakers.
  • •  Approach conference with specific questions in mind.
  •   Complete all chores, shopping, and other errands before conference so you can focus on listening.
  •   Get good rest the nights before conference so your mind will be ready to receive inspiration.
  •   Take notes of the impressions, promptings, and insights you receive.

Don't you just love this picture? This is my favorite picture of the Prophet. 

I came across a quote by Elder Holland that reminded me that the messages we hear are completely led by the Spirit. He reminds us that those that speak in general conference serve as "mortal messengers with angelic messages" who have all "sounded 'the trump of God.' Every sermon given is always, by definition, both a testimony of love and a warning."

Speakers are not merely assigned topics. Instead, they seek inspiration and direction from our Father in Heaven to know what to say. 

I hope we all can receive answers to our questions and prayers this weekend :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Motivation Monday

It's a new week, which means we all have the opportunity to start fresh! 
For me, it means back to being disciplined with diet and exercise! 
Are you on the same bandwagon?

Here are a few things that are helping motivate me today:


so so guilty........

I hope everyone is having a productive Monday! Keep to your goals, work hard, and take time to do the things that make you happy :)

P.S. I found this on Pinterst and died......

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Choose This Day

I was reminded of this video today in Relief Society. It is a mormon message by President Eyring entitled "Choose This Day."

I love when he says, "It doesn't matter to me how few things I may be able to do, just let me know what I can do. I will obey this day to do what I can, with thy help."

What are you putting off for tomorrow? 
Choose this day to serve Him and feel His love for you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Successful Saturday

I am happy to report that our stake activity this morning went well! All of my committee members got there on time and did their various responsibilities. We had lots of food and about 200 stake members attend. I was thrilled!

After breakfast, I headed to one of the parks to help out and make sure things were running smoothly. We raked under large pine trees, bagged up leaves and garbage, and weeded tree beds. It was beautiful outside, so it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

We finished around 1, so my roommate, Chelsea, and I decided to grab some lunch and then head to Provo Beach resort to do the ropes course. Everyone and their mother was at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork today for the Festival of Colors, so we decided this would be a great day to try out the course.

We had a blast going around the course. It was a little scary at first, as we began to discovered that the harness would really support us, we could't fall, and find our balance. You start on the top level and down below are people playing video games and such, so it is a little daunting. We paid $8 and you can spend as much time on there as you want! Oh, did I mention it was a GREAT workout :)

What did you do today?

P.S.  The Huger Games was awesome. I was really impressed and thought they did a spectacular job visually representing the book and characters :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five for Friday


Hey Friday. Happy to see you :)
Here are my top 5:

1. I have a ticket to see Hunger Games at 7:30 pm this evening! Stoked :)

2. Thanks to Target and Walmart, I have updated my polish collection with a few new bright colors. I am really wanting to find this one, California Coral! Some other great colors are Secret Story (hot pink), Big Spender, and Turquoise and Cacaos...... Can you tell I'm trying to branch out ;)

3. The weight is still coming off! I'm on the cusp of 5 pounds......hello summer!

4. It is getting warmer and warmer. According to the thermostat in my car, Thursday was a beautiful 73 degrees :) 

5.  Tomorrow is my Stake's Service project! Last summer I was called to be the Stake Service Co-Chair, allowing me to help plan 3 service activities a year for our stake. Tomorrow will be our Winter activity. We will be working with the City of Provo to clean up four local parks. I think the weather will be perfect. Here's to a successful event! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012


In almost one month I will be embarking on an incredible adventure with two of my best friends. To say I am excited would be an understatement!! Take a peek into some of my most anticipated events!

Ziplining through the jungle in Isla Routan, Honduras 

Holding Sea Turtles in Grand Cayman
I could very well pull a Kristin Bell at this moment!!

On another note, The Hunger Games movie comes out tomorrow. Do you have your tickets? A group of friends and I will be seeing it tomorrow evening. Can't wait :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Classroom Inspiration

After months of subbing, I have had the opportunity to visit lots of classrooms. I secretly love this because I am always getting to see how other people are putting together their classrooms, organizing their materials, decorating their walls, etc. 

As an Early Childhood Education (ECE) major, the environment of the classroom is very important to me. I hope to teach Kindergarten, so my classroom will very likely be some students first experience in school. The pressure is on for an awesome classroom!

I walked into one classroom this week and was blown away. 
Check out their reading corner:

So this teacher made this barn bookshelf for their book area. I was in awe. And, to complete the area, she got some plastic fencing, really defining the space and adding to the theme. 
PS...did you see the lanterns hanging above the barn? They turn on!

Here are some other items via Pinterst that inspire my future classroom!

Hungry Caterpillar made of tissue pom poms

Pipe cleaner animals

Polka Dots

Colorful bins to keep me organized 

I really love these

Don't you want to go set up your own classroom now, too??

Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend was very relaxing. How was yours? 

Chels, Steph, and I headed up to Salt Lake for a Mary Kay event at Cake Salon.
Upon arrival, we each filled out a simple questionnaire, explaining our current haircare regime, things we like/dislike about our hair, products we use, etc.

Cake Salon is located at 210 East 500 South in SLC   (across from the SLC Library)

We then enjoyed some snacks and each got pulled to a chair to meet one-on-one with a hair stylist. Here we were able to discuss any questions, share tips, and discuss future hair styles and goals. I talked to my stylist about reconstructing my hair to where it was almost 2 years ago when I chopped it off (my current layers need some help!). We also toyed with the option of giving me a swooped bang. Currently I use product and blow dry it back, but I am wanting an option where I can wear them down as well.

  I want something like Jennifer and Kate's hairstyles!

After our consolation, they presented us each with a $25 dollar gift card and were offering us 10% off any service if booked that evening. So here's the deal....I go to the The Hidden Clipper in Provo and get a $13 cut. I figure why not give this place a try and get a $40 cut for basically the same price as The Hidden Clipper after the coupons.
My haircut it tomorrow; I'll keep you posted :)

After a week of not sleeping well due to the time change, I loved being able to sleep in. Around noon, I went over to BYU for the BYU men's rugby game against #2 St. Marys. It is such a fun sport to watch and I loved catching up with friends. After the game, Maren and I picked up Chels and headed over to Cafe Rio for lunch. 

The rest of the day consisted of a cupcake run, stormy weather, and movies. Chels and I ran to Cupcake Chic in Provo to celebrate St. Patricks Day!

They dyed the Red Velvet cake green and put a pot of gold on top.

Hope you all had a exciting and warm weekend!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Simple Testimony

While out at recess with my Kindergartners on Friday , one of the little girls starts to show me her toy horse. She is telling me it's name, what it likes to do, etc. She then proceeds to tell me that she has another toy horse, but that he can't come to school because he has a broken leg. 

One of my little boys chimes in with, "Don't worry, Jesus will heal him! It might take a little while though...."

This boy's simple testament of Christ on the school playground spoke to me on so many levels. 

1. He was exactly right. No matter how big or small a problem, ailment, decision, or situation we have, Jesus Christ will take care of it. 

2. The little boy shared with us what he knew, without hesitation. How often do I not share my testimony because I'm scared or embarrassed?

3. His declaration was simple. All he needed was one sentence. 

4. He understood that not everything happens automatically, but we often need to be patient and respect the Lord's timing. 

I love this picture. It is hanging in the advisement office of the McKay building on BYU campus and has always resonated with me.

Hope you all have had a wonderful and restful Sunday.
Bring on a new week :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

High Five for Friday!


It's that time again! My five favorite things from the past week:

1. I have enjoyed using Spotify this week to re-discover music from my middle school and high school years!  Never heard of Spotify?? It is a FREE service that allows you to download the application and then search through their database of millions of songs. You can make playlists, listen to other people's playlists, discover new music, etc.

2. I got crowned! Errr, or should I say my tooth did. About a week and a half ago, I got a root canal and had a temporary crown placed on my tooth. Yesterday, my grandpa put the permanent crown on. The process wasn't a highlight, but getting to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Pa sure was !

3. I've lost three pounds. A small, small victory, but, nonetheless, one that makes me feel great :)

4. Chels and I are going to the Cake Salon in Salt Lake City this evening with Steph for a Mary Kay event. She was able to bring a few hosts of her parties, so Chels and I get to reap the rewards!! Here we will discuss hair care and have hair consultations. I am excited to learn more and maybe get a suggestion or two!

5. I found this gem at Grandma and Pa's last night. 
Move over Miss America.....

Check out that hair....and those arms....and that pointed toe! 

What made it on your HF for F list??

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Birchbox

My March Birchbox finally came. It is a little ridiculous how excited I get when it arrives!

Let's take a look at this month's loot:

What's inside?
Color Club | Nail Lacquer in Age of Aquarius 
Harvey Prince | Yogini
Juice Beauty | Blemish Clearing Cleanser
Lulu Organics | Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder
stila | Smoky Eye Card

Lifestyle Extra
Tea Forte | skin-smart Teas
...won't be tryin' this one...

I am really excited to try out the nail polish. Although it is very different from the reds I typically wear, it could be a really fun summer color. I was also really excited to see a stila sample in my box. I actually already own and wear the lightest color on that pallet (kitten), so it will be fun to test it with some other colors that the company has already paired together with it.

Can I just tell you that one of my favorite parts about getting my Birchbox is when some of the items are wrapped up like this??

It feels like Christmas every month :)

If you are interested in subscribing to your own Birchbox or buying a small subscription as a gift, let me know!! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Modified Metabolic Workout

I really enjoy working out and keeping an active lifestyle. I love getting into a workout routine and making it a priority in my life! Sometimes I feel my body start to plateau, where I am unable to lose weight, not seeing the results I'd like, etc. This is when my body needs a shock! In order to shock my body, I do a series of low to high impact running exercises, allowing my body to spike it's heart rate and then drop down to rest before spiking it again, allowing minimal rest.

Am I certified personal trainer? No! But I have tried a lot of exercise and techniques and I sure feel great doing this exercise a few times a week. So, if you are in a rut and want to jumpstart your exercise routine and body, give this workout a try!  Be sure to warm up and stretch! 

Run Walk Modified Metabolic Workout
Duration: 30-40  (it is entirely up to you)

Walk: 3 minutes at a comfortable, yet fast pace
 (I do about a 4.4 speed on the treadmill)

Run: 2 minutes at a fast, yet tolerable pace
(I do about a 6.8 speed on the treadmill)

...repeat these two steps until your 30-40 minutes is over .....

Simple, right?? This can be done on a treadmill or, even better, outside. Just bring a stopwatch with you and enjoy the spring air. 

Here are some other articles I like about easing yourself into a running routine:

Women's Health: Walk Run Off the Pounds

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Favorites

As signs of spring begin to creep on in, I have started to pull out brighter colors and prepping my skin for a sun-filled summer! Here are a few of my current obsessions:

1. Revlon Nail Polish (color: Cherry Berry)
This is the perfect mix of raspberry red. It pulls more red than pink, which I love. I typically do at least two coats. It is a great spring color!
Purchased at local drugstore

2. Mary Kay Satin Hands (hand cream)
I won this at my Mary Kay party I hosted a few weeks ago in a game (remember how I am competitive??). If you live in a dry climate, like Utah, this does wonders. It instantly moisturizes your hands for about 24 hours, even lasting through multiple hand washes. 
You can purchase this item through your local Mary Kay consultant or I can refer you to someone!!

3. Proactiv  (3-Step System)
I currently don't and never really have had a problem with ache, but I do get small little bumps under my skin in the t-zone area. When I use this product regularly, I can certainly see a difference in the appearance and brightness of my skin!
You can buy this product online. 

4. Blow Up Conditioner (volumizing conditioner)
Remember how I received this in my February Birchbox? I have used it a few times and really like what it does to my hair. My hair is naturally thick and voluminous, but this helps my hair retain it's texture through the blow drying and straightening process! 
You can purchase this product on 

Interested in purchasing your own Birchbox subscription?? Let me know and I will send you a special link that gives me points for referrals ;)

5. Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15  (by Fresh)
Sephora gives me a birthday gift for being apart of their rewards program! This year, they gave me a sample of Sugar Lip Treatments by Fresh. I fell in love with this product immediately! They are pretty expensive, but when my sample runs out, I have every intention of purchasing other tube. Did I mention the sample tube has lasted me over four months?? The Sugar Lip Treatments come in a variety of tinted colors, but I prefer the colorless one (seen below). It moisturizes your lips for hours and smells great!
You can purchase this product at Sephora or on Fresh's website,

6. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 
This product has changed my life!! My mom bought a bottle while in Utah to use and then left it for me to take home when she left. My skin drinks this stuff in, leaving my skin soft and replenished. If you have dry, cracked skin from a rough winter, try this out!
This product can be purchased at grocery stores.

Well there you go! Those are a few of my current favorites, but look for more as the year progresses. If you decide to try them out or maybe already have, let me know what you think :) 

What are some of YOUR favorite spring products?

Monday, March 12, 2012

I spy....

A friend of some friends asked for people to help her with her 3D art project. We went over to her apartment where she had a camera and lights set up. She had us sit down on a chair and would ask us to do different faces. She would then take pictures of our eyes as we did these faces. I noticed the finished product on Facebook and thought I'd share it. Can you find me???     There's about 8....

Hint: I have very large, blue eyes with black eyeliner ;)

Give up???
Follow the arrows!

Birthday Wishes

A very happy birthday to my Pops!

In the spirit of David Letterman, here are my Top Ten things I love about my daddy:

10. He works very hard everyday to make sure my family and I are comfortable. Did I mention he spends most of his summer doing the audit??? ....yuck....

9. He encourages me to travel and experience different places and people!

8. He has taught me how to be financially independent and frugal.
Not many 20-somethings can talk about Roth IRAs, mutual funds, and about taxes ;)

7. Although he said it would never happen and that he was "allergic," he bought us a dog, who brought our family so much love and happiness

6. He moved our family to California! I was able to grow up in a very diverse and beautiful area, which has greatly impacted my outlook on the world!

5. He got baptized in college and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!

4. He helped raise two wonderful brothers for me, who taught me how gentleman act and how a girl should be treated!

3. When I get down on myself, he tells me he is proud of me, I am capable, smart, and things will work out!

2. He makes my mom feel special and appreciated!

1. He is my Pops!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

Happy Sunday, yet again! My, this week sure flew by. Hope you all had as an eventful weekend as I did! Typically I don't like to write posts about what I am doing, but this weekend was just too fun to pass up!

Friday was filled with birthday celebrations. A group of friends got together to celebrate our friend Michelle's birthday at The Bombay House. I am not one to crave Indian food, but it is always nice to experience different things. After dinner, we headed to her apartment where more people were waiting to play games and eat cake. We played Apples to Apples. Have you played it?? If not, check it out. With the right group of people, it gets pretty hilarious!

After that party, I went downstairs to another birthday party for my friend Ashley. She had a Despicable Me themed party, where you could even make minion inspired twinkles :) I did not make one, but here are some examples stolen from Facebook!

On Saturday, three of my girlfriends and I took a walk up Provo Canyon. It was a beautiful day! Dozens of people were out enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. After our walk, we headed to Jamba Juice to join in on their "buy one get one free" special!

Later that evening, a group of friends and I headed over to Provo Beach Resort to do miniature croquet. I remember playing croquet in Grandma and Grandpa Clyde's backyard, but never imaged there to be so many rules! We broke off into groups of 4 or 5 and went through the course. My roommate, Chelsea, and I played with two of our guy friends, who are both hilarious and competitive, so we had a great time. Check out the course in this video I found :)

The Provo Beach Resort is the newest addition to the Riverwoods in Provo.
It is an indoor fun center (Pa would have been all over this with us if we were littler and lived in Provo! Peter Piper Pizza x 10! ). Aside from croquet, it has bowling, golf simulators, a ropes course, indoor wave rider, pinewood derby races, and arcades!

Friday, March 9, 2012

High five for Friday


High Five for Friday!

Every Friday, the author of the blog From My Grey Desk does something called High Five for Friday (HH for F!) I thought I would start in on the fun!

Lauren, the author of the From My Grey Desk blog, says this about HH for F:

"High Five for Friday is a weekly post about your five favorite things recently. It's a chance to stop and reflect on the things that you've enjoyed over the past week, which is something we should all do."

Here we go!!

1. I was able to teach at Bonneville Elementary 4 days this week! I had the opportunity to teach in 4th, 1st, and 3rd grade! I love this school, the faculty, and the children!! Maybe one day I will actually teach here ;)

2. I'm owning in my ward's Indexing competition! We are suppose to report how many indexing points we have earned each week and then at the end of the month, the FHE group with the most points gets a prize (You receive a point for every name you index, but depending on the level of difficulty, you can earn 3-5 points per name). My group's score is looking promising! 

3. I am back into Zumba! I love the way I feel after these classes.

4. It is 55 degrees today! What does this mean?? No coat, wedges on, and a fun new Spring sweater! Check out the sweater my mom spoiled me with while she was in town :)

5. I had my dad's speghetti for dinner.....twice!!! I was able to freeze part of the batch he made while in town and decided to pull it out this week. Yum!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last week, my roommate and I held a Mary Kay party. One of our friends is just getting started in the business and asked if we would gather some girlfriends up and throw a little party. We had about 3 girls over and we got pampered with facials. It was fun to try new products. As part of the party, Steph, our Mary Kay rep, asked our guests to compliment my roommate and I. It was a little embarrassing, but I felt really great after their kind words!

It was very interesting to see what others notice/think about me. One can always assume they are a good friend, kind to others, etc, but when we get validated on those assumptions, it is wonderful! I realized how wonderful I felt about myself all because these girls just opened their mouths! I thought about how often I thought nice things about others, but didn't pass it on to them. If one simple complement I had could make someone else feel half as good as I did, why not share it???

I have tried to be better at sharing my compliments this week and have seen a difference in my interactions with others and how they act around me. This has been fun to see especially with children.

As a sub, I often have to be a little firmer than I'd prefer, as they love to test their limits and get away with what they can. I have noticed, however, that if I compliment a particular child that is misbehaving (i.e. publicly announcing how I like how he/she is sitting quietly at the rug, what a wonderful handwriting so-and-so is using), it inspires confidence in them to be and act better. I feel that complements can do that for us all!

Now go make someone's day :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

...I'm it!

So my cousin, Lexie, posted the below questionnaire on her blog. If you are reading this and have a blog, you've been pass it on ;)

favorites & obsessions: Diet Coke, the color coral, Jackie Cardigans, music (you know I like to dance!!!), teaching, sloths, traveling, Essie nail polish (any shade of red), animal print, heels/wedges, Grey's Anatomy, ANYTHING on Bravo, etc, etc

I wish I was better at: (spiritual) Reading my scriptures; (physical) working out daily during the winter!!!; (professional) better understanding how to meet the social/academic/emotional needs of ALL student

My biggest regret: I don't really feel like I can say I "regret" anything in my life. I do, however, wish I had taken a little more time in school to have a more well-rounded schedule, taking classes outside of my major (mastering Spanish, sewing, etc).

I am: Loyal, active, intelligent, funny, bold, kind.... (this is a hard one!)

I love: my family! I would definitely not be where I am today and who I am today without the support and love of my Mom and Pops. I am grateful for such great older brothers who have always had my best interest in heart. WrW!

Can't fall asleep: To avoid getting too embarrassed... I will say, without all the lights being off! I have a very difficult time sleeping with lights on. I also like to have my water bottle by my bed, just in case I get thirsty at night :)

Main goal(s) in life: I just want to feel fulfilled! I feel I have been blessed with many talents and opportunities and I hope that I am able to use them to bring me success, happiness, and to help others. I also would love to be a mother and experience that role!

My passion: Teaching! I really love it! Yes, this is coming from the girl who said she would NEVER be a teacher! Doesn't the Lord have a sense of humor?? I should have seen it coming, however! I played countless hours of "school" in my bedroom. My mom supported this hobby by buying me blank student name tags, markers, paper, and other materials to make "my" school." I love being able to watch those moments where the "lightbulb" goes on for a student and watching them explore the world around them! It's so rewarding!

My go to feel good song: It varies, but some favorites are: Send Me on My Way (Rusted Roots), Please Don't Go (Mike Posner); Silver Lining (Rilo Kiley); Tearin' Up My Heart (NSYNC.....yes!); Hey Ya (Outkast); Turn Up the Music (Chris Brown).....etc, etc

Can't wait: for May 5th!!! Two of my best girlfriends and I will be heading off to Miami to board a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean! It will be a wonderful and warm break. We will be visiting Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, and Grand Cayman, where we plan to swim, zip line, dance, and hold monkeys!

On a side note.....

A journal entry by a 1st grader today:

"Dear Journal,

Today we have Miss Weidemann in our class! I love her. I really do. I like her coat. I like her ring. I like when she says, "capiche?" I like when she makes silly voices in books. I could spend a whole day with her! We had a fire drill today. I was not scared. Were you? Miss Weidemann let us run to the fence and back after. It was fun. "

This is why I teach :)

Oh P.S., I taught a little boy named Seabass today. Yes, you read that correctly. Seabass......

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had a wonderful day at church! I live in a ward full of very stalwart individuals. Every fast Sunday is fulfilling and leaves me wanting to be better. How was yours? :)

As it is Sunday, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Mormon Messages. I have shared this with some family members in the past, but I can't help but share it again! I immediately feel peace and joy after watching it. I hope you do, too! (In this message, President Uchtdorf is talking women, but it applies to everyone! Go create things of substance and beauty :) )

Hope you all have a productive and happy week!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Never heard of Birchbox? Click here to learn more about my favorite new discovery!

I came to know Birchbox through a blog I religiously follow. Basically, it is a monthly subscription, but instead of receiving a magazine, you receive a small, brown box containing 4-5 beauty products each month (sometimes other odds and ends!). Some might find this an incredible waste of time and resources, but for a make-up/hair product junky like myself, it doesn't get more exciting!!!

The catch is, however, you must first get on a waiting list (....yes) in order to even sign up. Talk about high demand! It took me almost a month to get an "invite" to sign up for my 3 month trial. But, once signed up, I anxiously awaited my first box! It finally arrived as my family was visiting Utah, in which I received a text message from my roommate exclaiming, "It came!!! Your Birchbox came!!!" (she was well aware of the anticipation)!!!

Let me introduce you to it's contents:

- Juicy Couture fragrance sample
- Zoya nail polish (color: Kristen)
- Tatcha oil pads
- Blow: daily volumizing conditioner
- Jouer lip gloss (color: birch box pink)
- Wichcraft granola

A good steal for only $10 bucks! I am really excited to try out the Blow volumizing conditioner. People have asked, however, "well, how does Birchbox know your skin color, preferred color schemes, etc?" Simple. You fill out a survey, explaining your habits, preferences, skin type, coloring, etc, etc! Obviously they aren't perfect (as you can see by the color of the nail polish I received ;) ), but you are bound to get something you like!

Ratings and reviews soon to come!

The little things....

So, here I am.....once again! I have decided I would like to enter the blogging world once again. I have documented my travels and my personal life via a blog, but now it is time to focus on.... The Little Things :)

Join me as I share some of the little things in my life that bring me joy!
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