Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday to my Pa! 
He is one of my very favorite people :)

Pa and Grandma at BYU graduation last April.

Here are my top 10 things I love about my Pa:

1. He helped raise my mom! He taught her to work hard, to love a lot, and much about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. He is a hard worker! My Pa is always working and puts in 100% to whatever he is doing. During dental school breaks, it was not uncommon for him to be working 2+ jobs to earn extra money and to make things more comfortable for his family.

3. My Pa served our country! Pa served in the Korean War on the B-29 bombers (bomb-bers!). He enlisted after high school and quickly worked his way up, ultimately joining a LDS crew and headed out to Korea. Thanks for protecting our country :)

4. He makes me feel special. Whenever I come and visit, he takes special interest to ask me how I'm doing and what is going on in my life. He cares about me and let's me know he looks forward to my next visit!

5. He spoils his grandkids. It's no secret Pa likes to take us to 7-11 for a big gulp! We could just about put anything on that counter and he'd buy it for us. He always took us to play minute golf, arcades, out to eat, and grew us special pumpkins to carve at Halloween!

6. My Pa is selfless. He is always more worried about other people than himself. He takes such good care of Grandma and Uncle Bryan. He goes out of his way to make sure they are taken care of and happy.

7. My Pa is a great dentist!!! I never understood why people would say they hate going to the dentist! I never did :) Going to the dentist meant going to Pa's office, getting to play with rubber gloves and face masks, and getting a toy out of the treasure box. I loved having my grandpa as my dentist. He always is patient with me as I ask about the tools or procedures or when I get nervous. A big congrats to him for just retiring after over 50 years!!!

8. He is sarcastic! I love how he plays around with us and other people. He is able to keep such a straight face; it's amazing! We have very fun and interesting adventures at Dan's :)

9. My Pa takes the time to make sure he has a special relationship with each of his kids and his grandkids. He knows each one of us well, what makes us happy, how he can help us, and how to each make us special. I know he makes me feel important :)

10. He teaches me things! I like to sit and talk with him about life, about money, about school, etc. I value his wisdom and years of experience.

I love you, Pa!

Taken today at his birthday lunch! He loves Strawberry Shortcake!

Another picture with his two daughters (Andrea and Julie) who also have April birthdays!

Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday...
I'll stop :)


Here's my top 5:

1. My mom came to Utah yesterday! I have been seeing her a lot lately :) 

2. I went to the Living Aquarium in Sandy this week with Maren and Chelsea. We wanted to touch the sting rays and get excited for our big trip! 

3. I am so addicted to a TV show called Friday Night Lights. Haven't watched it? Do you like scandals and football? If so, you'll love this....:)

4. Chels and I went to McDonald's the other night to get a ice cream cone (remember how I love them?). After we ordered, we turned up the radio and sang along to an Usher song. Suddenly, through the McDonald's intercom we hear, "Oh yeah! I love this song!!" It took all we had to not laugh :) Great moment....

5. A week from today I will be heading on a cruise adventure!!!
So excited to explore ruins, zipline, swim with sting rays, hold some turtles, lay by the pool, drink strawberry smoothies, and spend time with two of my favorite girls.

Have you had a nice week??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sneak Peek

Ever since receiving the job news last week, my mind has been swirling with classroom ideas! I stalk Pinterest daily, browse online teaching stores, and envision classroom arrangements before falling asleep. I am excited to say the least.

I think I have decided on a garden/forest theme, utilizing bright colors and animals. Hopefully it will be a place my kids can learn and want to be each day :) Here is a sneak peek at some of my ideas and purchases:


Have any ideas for me??? :)

Mother-Daughter Trip

I have been a little M.I.A lately, but for good reason! My mom and I had a wonderful time in Southern California! I couldn't have asked for a better time. 

I left early Wednesday morning and arrived at the Long Beach Airport about an hour before my mom. While waiting, I received THE best phone call. I received a phone call from the principal at Bonneville Elementary asking if I would accept a job in their 1st grade! I was elated! I couldn't wait for my mom to get off of her flight!

Probably my favorite airport :)

After sharing my news, we got our rental car and set out for lunch! We then headed to Fashion Island for some shopping and sunshine!

The rest of the trip consisted of South Coast Plaza, Diet Cokes, the Irvine Spectrum, movies, Target (looking for classroom essentials), Fashion Island, McDonalds ice cream cones, and many other attractions! I love that my mom is my best friend and that we can have these trips together. I really cherish them. Thanks mom :)

On Saturday, my mom and I boarded a plane and headed to SFO where my dad picked us up!  We went to dinner to celebrate the new job, got more McDonalds ice cream cones (sensing an addiction??), had great talks, and enjoyed being together for a day and a half. I loved that my trip ended with being able to see my Pops! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful week :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Birchbox

It came! 
I have had to wait nearly a week to open this thing.
After driving to Salt Lake last Tuesday night, my roommate texted me saying it came. 
Of course it did....after I went out of town :)

Here's what was inside:

- Alima Pure Organic Lip Balm (color: Rhubarb)
- Willa Lavender Facial Towlettes (travel size)
- Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Perfume (sample size
too fruity of a smell for my taste
- Dropps Laundry Detergent (sample pack)

When you open up the Befine box, here's what is inside:
3 packets of exfoliating cleanser and 2 packets of daily moisturizer

The Dropps Laundry Detergent are little liquid packs, almost like those you use in your dish washer. They are scent and dye free.

I am really excited to try out the Befine products, lip balm, and face towelettes! 
I will share any findings and favorites :)

Have any of you received your Birchbox yet??

Friday, April 20, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Seriously can't believe it's Friday already!! 
Nonetheless, I love it!
She changed her button. Between you and I, I prefer the old one :)

Here's my top 5 for this week:

1. Girls Trip! My mom and I have been having a WONDERFUL time together here in Southern California. We met at the Long Beach Airport Wednesday afternoon and have been going since. I love that my mom is my best friend and we can enjoy this mother-daughter time together :)

2. I walked into Ann Taylor LOFT yesterday and discovered the entire store was 40% off. Yes, the entire store! I have been needing some professional basics, so my mom and I jumped all over this! I was able to find some really cute church/teaching/summer items. Can't wait to wear them!

This is the store at the Irvine Spectrum, one of my favorite malls in the area.

3. I get to see my Pops on Saturday! Turns out it was cheaper to fly home for a day from Long Beach and then to Salt Lake, so why not stop and say hi :) I feel so lucky to be able to see BOTH of my parents this weekend!

4. A bunch of my friends are graduating from BYU today!!! So proud of you guys and all the hard work that has brought you to this point! Welcome to the good life ;)

Remember how I graduated almost a year ago today??

5. I can't hold this in any longer!!! 
I have some real exciting news! 
I have been offered a teaching position in the Alpine School District beginning August 2012!!!!
I will share all the details later, but I just had to spill the beans :) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Saw this on a friends blog and thought I'd join in.
If you blog and want to pass it on...feel free :)

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag

11 Random Facts about myself:
  1. My birthday is December 28th...3 days after Christmas and 3 days before New Years
  2. I really love the combination of Diet Coke and cheddar Goldfish crackers. I could eat those all day long! 
  3. Before becoming a teacher, I wanted to be a Speech Pathologist. After 2 semesters of classes, I realized I wanted to work more with children, pushing me towards Early Childhood Education! 
  4. I was on my middle school's morning News program. I LOVED it. I mostly worked in the back, creating the show's titles, transitions, script, taking videos, etc. I even was awarded a scholarship upon graduation from the program!
  5. I have never colored my hair. Yup....this is my natural color. I have toyed with the idea of getting highlights, but I ultimately go against it. I just really like my hair :)
  6. I was given a stuffed animal dog for Christmas when I was about 6 (Ginger). I loved this stuffed dog so much that my Pops promised if I could find a dog just like it, he would buy it. Guess what that 6 year old did? She found that dog and guess what that dad did? He kept his promise!! 
  7. I can't go to bed at night unless I have a bottle of water next to my bed. It's probably psychological, but it always has to be there! 
  8. I have known at least 5 of my great-grandparents! I was lucky enough to know 4 of them very well, spending many holidays with them. I loved being able to have such strong role models in my life. 
  9. I use to bite my nails. An awful, awful habit. It wasn't until my Pops offered me $100 bucks to stop that I actually did. Ever wonder why I always have painted nails?? Having painted nails helps me not bite them :)
  10. I really like indexing. It is almost addictive! I grew up watching my grandpa do it and started doing it myself about 2 years ago. 
  11. I have been fortunate enough to visit over 10 countries. I went on a study abroad and have some other opportunities to travel abroad. I love experiencing new places! Here's my list so far: England, Scotland, France, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Malta, Corsica, and Mexico. This will soon change.....Belize, Grand Cayman, and I come!!

1. Where are you at right now?    Salt Lake City, Utah

2. What is your favorite thing about your current job?   I get to visit lots of different classrooms, allowing me to see their management, their organization, and ideas :)

3. Would you rather... Have free gas for the rest of your life or be exempt from speeding tickets for the next 5 years?    Have free gas for a year :) Those cops can't catch me!!!

4. What is your favorite joke?   Knock, Knock. Whose there? Tyrone. Tyrone who?  Tyrone shoe! :)   ( I teach little kids...what do you expect!!!!)

5. How often have you checked your phone today?      Constantly....probably every 5 minutes!

6. Would you rather go on an African Safari or sail through French Polynesia?    Go on an African Safari!! I love African wildlife and would probably have a Kristen Bell moment if I ever were to be able to see a zebra and giraffe in their natural habitat! 

7. Fitness class or at-home DVD?      Fitness Class....more specially....Zumba!!!!

8. Favorite TV show?    I LOVE anything on Bravo. I don't get that channel in Provo, however :( When my mom knows I am coming home for a visit, she makes sure to stock the DVR up with some Bravo recordings. Real Housewives, Flipping Out, Millionaire name it, I love it!!!

9. What is one thing you would change about your wedding? If not married, what is one thing you will make sure to include in your wedding? ........a groom

10. Favorite appetizer? Dessert?     I really like chips and salsa....and a Diet Coke! As for dessert, I LOVE  chocolate soufflĂ©. 

11. What is your dream job?   To be a teacher. I don't think there is anything more rewarding than being able to help mold the minds of young children and providing them a safe environment to make sense of the world around them!

NEW QUESTIONS FOR YOU:    If you so choose to pass this on :)
  1. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, where would you go, and what would you eat?
  2. A song you just can't get out of your head right now???
  3. What is one think you really like about yourself? :)
  4. Who is your favorite president and why?
  5. If you could travel on an all expenses paid dream vacation and could only take 4 ppl with you, who would you go with and where would you go?
  6. If you could relive one moment from your life (any event, small moment or even a day) what would that be?
  7. All time favorite meal?
  8. What is one beauty product you splurge on? Nails, lipstick, mascara, foundation, eye color, etc, etc???
  9. If you were a celebrity and could name your child something crazy like "Blue Ivy" what insane name would you come up with? -be creative!
  10. Where are you living and what is the most exciting thing going on in your life right now?
  11. What is your worst fear/phobia?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello all! 
I thought I would take a quick break from packing and re-cap my last few days.
Remember how I live a rough, rough life and am off to California tomorrow? 

My weekend was pretty relaxed. By relaxed I mean, stayed in a lot, finished the 2nd book in the Hunger Games Series (Catching Fire), got frozen yogurt, ran errands, went to Zumba, and plopped myself in front of the TV. 
Relaxed, right?

As for yesterday....what a day!!! A week ago, during Spring Break, I got some phone calls about interviews. Since then, I have been worried sick and have had trouble sleeping. My mind would just not shut off, as thoughts of what-ifs swirled around. 

I had two interviews, the first of which at 8 am. After that, I ran a quick errand and then went to Bonneville to fulfill part of my second interview. For an interview with the Alpine School District, I had to record 15+ mins of me teaching. My friend Keri, whose Kinder class I taught after she had her baby, was kind enough to let me use her kids and record a pre-planned lesson. I love those kids.....a lot

I had everything setup, pressed record, taught me lesson, went to check it, and sure enough, nothing recorded. My luck! So I had to go to the interview with no footage, only to find out I have until next week to turn something in. Bless-ings!! 

Hopefully everything went well :)
I am so ready for my own classroom!!!

After interviews, we had a Ward Closing Social at the ward building. We had a Bar-BQ outside and played volleyball. These are always bittersweet, as you'll miss everyone, but excited to see who'll move in and to have a smaller ward for the summer. 

My Visiting Teachers then took me out to frozen yogurt afterwards, as they both are moving this summer. Really sweet girls and wonderful friends. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

P.S. My cruise is in 18 days!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

How Pinteresting....

I love Pinterest. 
I probably spend way too much time on it. 

Here are some of my favorite finds this week:

Too true...

Love the pink, orange, and gray 

Watercolor pens

Sloth Photo Bomb!


I'd like this bathroom :)

It's an exciting week!
Did I mention I am jet-setting to Southern California Wednesday??
(I really love the Long Beach Airport and our little Irvine Marriott!)
My mom and I will be meeting up for our annual "girls trip!" (6+ years and counting!!)
I love this tradition and excited for a break :)

Any exciting plans for YOUR week?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Waiting Game

I got this in my e-mail today....

I'm very excited to receive that little pink box sometime in the near future! 
I am sad to report, however, this will be my last box for awhile. I only did a 3-month subscription to make sure I liked it. Guess who has to get on the waiting list again??

Happy Saturday :) 
Good luck to all those who are enduring finals!

Friday, April 13, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Oh hey Friday. It is really nice to see you :)

If you are new to my blog, I do something each Friday called High Five for Friday. I got the idea from a blog I follow in which she lists her top 5 things that happened in her week. It has become one of my favorite traditions.


Here's my top 5 this week:

1. It's Spring Break!! I have loved having a week where, as my mom puts it, I can focus on me! I have been able to hit the gym everyday, read, clean, and shop!

2. I was able to go to City Creek AND the outlets this week! I was able to find a few things that will be fun to take on the cruise and for future summer events. I love successful shopping trips!

3. Remember the tulips I got on Easter. They are still just as beautiful! I love having them in my apartment :)

4. I got a few teaching interviews lined up!!!! Here's to a successful summer!!

5. Found this at Target! I wear a lot of black and love the combination of black and gold together. I also love that you don't have to slide this bracelet up over your hand, but it opens in the middle so you can clasp it around your arm :) 

Happy Friday......the 13th :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Park City and Birthdays!

Yesterday was my dear friend Maren's birthday! To celebrate, Chelsea and I took Maren to breakfast this morning for a french toast breakfast at Kneaders. Because their french toast is so delicious and all you can eat, we save this strictly for special occasions :)

Maren, Chelsea, and I this past summer

A few things I love about Maren:
1. She is kind. From the first moment I met her, she has always befriended those around her, including everyone in activities she plans, and making the most out of the situation.
2. She is funny! We always have a good laugh...especially the later in the evening it gets!!
3. She is smart! So, this girl is majoring in genetics. That's right....genetics! To add to that, she is graduating from BYU next week and will be off to North Carolina to be apart of UNC's PHD program. Yup....this girl is going places!
4. She is adventurous! Growing up in St. George, she grew up exploring the outdoors. I love that she includes me in her adventures!

I could keep going and going :)

After Maren's breakfast, Chels and I took off for Park City to explore the outlets. We lucked out on the weather, as it said it was suppose to rain/snow the entire day. We only experienced a little rain on our way back to Provo.

 We enjoyed walking from store to store and even ran into two friends from our ward! What are the odds :) After being shopped out, we made our way back and stopped at Fresh, a bakery in Midway/Heber that my family likes to visit when we spend a day at the Midway house. We each got a panini and then headed on back down the canyon.

I think I am enjoying my Spring Break too much!
How's your week going?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

City Creek

Yesterday afternoon my roommate, Chelsea, and I drove to City Creek for the afternoon in hopes to find her a graduation outfit. Ok ok, we also looked for cruise wear. And interviewing outfits. And make-up.......... 

View as you walk out of Nordstroms. See the big glass window? The top of that OPENS and CLOSES depending on the weather!

The creek and shops looking down from the 2nd level.

We had fun going from shop to shop pretending we were on a vacation. In case you haven't had the chance to go, some of my favorite stores were: Banana Republic, JCrew, Macys, Nordstroms, Ann Taylor, Sephora, and The Limited. We both felt like we weren't completely satisfied at the Macys, but the other stores were great!

We ended up finding her a cute dress at Nordstrom :) It will definitely be something she can wear after graduation as well. We had lunch in the food court (everywhere was PACKED!) and enjoyed eating outside. 

I know you are all probably wondering, "But Lizzy, didn't YOU buy anything???" Yes of course. My mother taught me well....TOO well. I found a very cute dress at The Limited that will serve me well in the next few months.

Did you mention I got it 15% off because I'm a teacher?? 

I also found a modified fedora for the cruise and peeked at the JCrew sweaters. They are my weakness.....

P.S. Did I tell you how last week at Zumba I got pulled on stage to perform this little number?? Totally embarrassed? Yes! Secret fantasy fulfilled? Ohhh yeah ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More favorites

I thought it was about that time to post another round of my favorite beauty essentials.
Feel free to share with me yours :)

1. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish  (color: Soft and Gentle)
Purchased at Nordstrom for about $29

I bought this about 2 years ago and I STILL haven't even made a dent in it. This is a great product to put on after your bronzer or blush to highlight your cheekbones or give you a little shimmer. I usually only use it during the summer, but I have one girlfriend who uses it daily.

2. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (Soft Matte Bronzer)
Purchased at Nordstrom for about $32
I have been using this bronzer for a few years and haven't found anything I like as well. I tried the Bare Minerals bronzers and wasn't as pleased with the application or color. I am using the color Soft Matte right now, but I actually prefer the Soft Shimmer. It kind of gives off the look of a bronzer plus hints of the MAC skinfinsher :)

3. Loreal Voluminous Mascara (color: Carbon Black)
Purchased at Target or drug store for about $4-8
During high school I became addicted to Lancome's mascara, which runs around $22 a tube! Once getting to college, with no job, I realized my obsession would have to stop, as I went through a tube of mascara around every month and a half. My hunt began and I discovered Loreal's Voluminous mascara. The brush is thick, which helps me get all around my lashes. I like the color Carbon Black, but it also comes in regular black as well as waterproof! Try it :) I've converted quite a few people already!
Please many mascaras, you need to break the brush in! I hate the first few days of a new mascara tube!!!

4. Remington Hair Clips (colorful bobby pins)
Purchased at Target for $2
I use bobby pins daily (the gym, pull my hair up, fix a piece of loose hair). I am always envious of girls that can pull off those bobby pins with jewels attached like I so often see at Anthropologie. I found these at Target and loved the colors. They are going to be fun for the summer.......and my cruise!

5. Bare Minerals Eyecolor ( color: True Gold)
Purchased at Nordstroms or Bare Essentials store for $13
I like to add golds during the summer. This is one of my favorite highlighting colors. I like to add it in the middle of my eye lid, just for some extra color. I am obsessed with Bare Minerals eye colors. If you haven't tried them, go into a local store and experiment!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Festivities

After church yesterday morning, I headed off to Salt Lake to visit with Grandma and Pa for a little bit before heading to Aunt Debra's for an Easter lunch. 

Debra really spoiled us with a wonderful lunch. We had ham, potatoes, salad, rolls, a cheese spread, and a delicious strawberry cake. I was worried I'd have to be rolled out of there by how well I ate! 

I felt so fortunate to be near family on Easter. Thanks for inviting us into your home and making a great meal, Debba!

Look at the tulips I got from a special place! 

When I got home from Salt Lake, I officially got to open my Easter basket. My mom knows me well and always spoils me.

In my basket I found:
- Sugar Lip Balm  (remember how I got it from Sephora for my birthday??)
- Juicy Couture roller ball perfume  (obsessed)
- A little polka dot notepad
- Reeses Pieces and a Snickers

...Oh...a few little bills might have been hiding in those eggs, too :)....
Like I said....spoiled!

What did YOU do to celebrate Easter??

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is not here, for He is risen!

I love this video; it gets me every time. Through it's images and words, I feel my Savior's love for me and His desire for me to do good.

The Atonement is something that I am not sure I will ever fully understand in my mortal state. I do know, however, that our Savior performed the Atonement in order for us to become more perfected in order to qualify to return to our Father in Heaven. 

I am so grateful for a merciful Father in Heaven that loves us enough to send His son and provide a way for His children to find peace, hope, and forgiveness through the Atonement. I know that through exercising the Atonement in our lives, we can better understand it's ability to change and mold us into the people we need to be in order to perform the Lord's work on this Earth. 

I hope we were all able to take a few minutes today to reflect on our Savior and the ultimate sacrifice He preformed on our behalf.

Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Is it Friday already? 
I feel like my weeks are speeding by...too fast!!


Here's my top five:

1. I'm on Spring Break!!! Both Provo and Alpine Districts are off this next week, so I am forced to take that week off, too. Rough rough life....
Guess I'll be off to visit City Creek and the Outlets!

2. We got frogs! So far these little fellas have survived two weeks (this is better than the 24 hour life span of the last two). We love Hanz and Franz :)
Sorry Mom.... I know you hate them :P

3. Jobs are beginning to post! So far, I have applied for 30+ jobs. Hopefully this is my year and I will get to have a classroom of my own!

4. I purchased my pass-of-all-passes via living this week for only $29! This pass gets you unlimited use to Seven Peaks, Trafalga, Owlz baseball games, Real Salt Lake games, etc, etc, etc! Basically it is our summer entertainment! But wait, it get's better! Living Social offers a deal that if 3 of your friends purchase the same deal under your user code, you get the pass free. So guess who got their's for free? Thanks Facebook ;)

5. My mom left me an Easter basket before she left last weekend :) I can't wait to officially open it this Sunday!! Isn't she the greatest?

I spy some Juicy Couture roll-on perfume I can't wait to use :)

Hope everyone is having a great week and have had a fantastic Friday.
Snow is on the forecast for this afternoon, so I predict take out and Redbox/Netflix.... no complaints here :)

Need a laugh? I love this!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Wishes

A very happy birthday to my mom! 

Here are my 10 things I love about my mom:

1. She is my best friend. Hands down. She knows me better than anyone. I love laughing with her :)

2. She plans fun trips for my family and I! When I graduated a semester early in high school, we set off for London so she could show me the BYU London Centre. She always supports my desires to travel! 

3. She always knows exactly what to say. No matter what the situation, I can always depend on my mom to give me the advice I need to hear. 

4. She takes care of my daddy. They walk together, they go on dates, and she cuts up fruit for him to take to work each day :)

5. She is a great example of how to be a hard worker. Whether it is at the workplace, at Church, or in our home, she is always working to ensure everyone is comfortable. 

6. She has taught me how to shop....maybe a little too well! I love our annual Orange County mother-daughter trip, where we shop, enjoy the sun, eat, go to movies, and laugh. It is one of my most favorite traditions!

7. She helped raise two wonderful brothers for me. She taught them how to work hard, do well, have fun, and to be respectful. 

8. I love the confidence she has in me. She is my biggest fan, always letting me know how capable I am and how far I will/can go!

9. She helped instill a testimony of Jesus Christ in me from a young age. Her dedication to her callings and to her role as a mother has helped me better understand the gospel.

10. She really LOVES her kids. I have always loved the way my mom has wanted to spend time with her children, preferring to go out to lunch with her children than any girlfriend. As other mom's complained about kids being out of school for the summer, my mom was thrilled! I have never and will never doubt how much she loves me and my brothers. 

....oh, did I mention she is the perfect grandma, too??....

My mother is a simple testimony to me that my Heavenly Father knows me individually. He knew what kind of woman I needed to raise me, teach me, love me, and be my best friend. I may be biased, but a mom couldn't be more perfect than mine :) 

Love you, Mommy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Motivation Monday....Round 2

It's Monday again! What are your goals this week?
I love going on Pinterest and finding little quotes or pictures that help motivate me....and make me laugh :)


Good luck with your goals this week! Remember, one day at a time :)

Need a laugh? My roommate and I about died over some of the things we found on 
Pinterest about Hunger Games. Here are a few favorites...
If you have not seen or read Hunger Games...sorry in advance :)

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